A FENNEK driving through muddy water and key visual of the SBG

System control units (SBG)

Display and control hub for central vehicle functions

Uniform user interface in the vehicle

The great number of devices integrated into the vehicles and the system functions to be monitored require a manufacturer-independent interface that displays and controls all of the necessary information on the vehicle system and additional sensor stations. As uniform user interfaces, system control units from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics enable you to operate, access or configure vehicle- or device-specific functions. The system control unit reduces the number of manufacturer-specific monitoring panels that need to be integrated.

Display of vehicle information

Tailored to the vehicle, the system control unit displays information on the status of the vehicle, sensors, navigation, power management and other integrated equipment. This allows you to centrally manage and control other applications in the vehicle from the control station.

Performance overview:

  • Reduces the number of devices to be integrated
  • Manufacturer-independent interface for control functions
  • Sunlight-readable
  • Suitable for plug-and-play operating systems
  • Compact design for confined installation situations
  • Scalable basic system

Important standards and product characteristics

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JFST FENNEK driving through sandy landscape

The plus points

Compact panel PC for essential vehicle functions

On-board voltage network

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics ensures smooth operation on the vehicle’s electrical system through the application of MIL-STD-1275 and ISO 16750-2. This guarantees that the system control unit harmonises with the power supply system and does not negatively influence the system or take damage itself.

Thermal stability

The system control unit boasts high thermal stability and does not require active cooling thanks to its fan-free design.


The internal monitoring electronics supervise and control the system control unit accordingly, such as by automatically shutting down if environmental conditions could damage the system.


The devices keep out water and dust, withstand salt fog, hold up to fluctuating pressures and the extended temperature range, and reliably process data under heavy shocks and vibrations.


An aluminium housing ensures EMC compatibility. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.


A CMOS battery which can be replaced from the outside simplifies maintenance. This means that the device does not have to be sent in and is available more quickly for the next deployment.


Various technological developments and design measures ensure that the information on the display can be read and the display operated under any light conditions.


The system control unit can be adapted to meet the customer’s requests and requirements in every respect, from the interfaces and memory to customer-specific functionalities.


System control units from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics are a form of panel PC with a reduced range of functions specifically developed as a central operating and display unit for vehicle systems. Adapted to the vehicle and the spatial conditions, the system control unit is generally a small and compact device.

  • Areas of application
  • Data entry
  • Overlay function
  • Video functions
  • Operating system
  • Modularity

Areas of application

  • Operation as terminal
  • Operation as stationary unit
  • Operation as remote unit
  • Operation as mobile unit with remote connection via radio

Data entry

  • via freely programmable function keys
  • via touch
  • via connected peripheral devices

Overlay function

  • Displays the function of the active keys
  • Display of menus and symbols
  • Display of variable data

Video functions

  • Viewing video streams
  • Displaying analogue video sources
  • Displaying digital video sources
  • Low latencies for video transmission

Operating system

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Other operating systems on request
  • Supports plug-and-play capable OS


  • System control unit features modular and scalable design
  • Adaptations to the customer’s requests
  • Adaptation to the specific vehicle system
  • Adaptation of memory equipment
  • Adaptation of the type and number of interfaces
  • Adaptation to customer-specific functionalities
  • Device sizes from 5" to 10"

Technical data


AMD or Intel®


Customer-specific memory equipment


Integrated graphics board


Display size 5" to 8"


WXGA resolution


Contrast 600:1


Brightness 900 cd/m2


Multi-level dimming up to masking


Bit-serial connection


Ethernet connection


Serial interfaces


Serial bus


Digital video interface


Interface for high-speed data transmission


Connection for mouse and keyboard


Customer-specific interfaces


System control unit from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH
Various designs of system control units by KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics

Hardware variants

  • System control unit with display size from 5" - 10"
  • System control unit with predefined keys
  • System control unit with analogue monitoring displays
  • System control unit with touch display
  • System control unit for dismounted operation
  • System control unit with customer-specific design
  • System control unit with customer-specific functions