Person wearing gloves holding circuit board in hand. “VG 95373” can be read printed on a document

VG 95373

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Electromagnetic compatibility according to VG 95373

Ensuring functioning in an electromagnetic environment

Electrical and electronic devices can influence the function of other devices through electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields. There are many civilian and military standards which establish limit values and define testing methods to ensure that malfunctions caused by interference do not take place. Electromagnetic compatibility relates to these systems’ ability to function in an electromagnetic environment without affecting other devices.

VG 95373 is a standard introduced by the Bundeswehr for the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment. German defense equipment standards (Verteidigungsgerätenormen – VG) are applied wherever civilian standards are either insufficient or do not exist.

As a basic standard, VG 95373 defines the general requirements for the methods for testing the electromagnetic emission and interference immunity of electronic, electrical and electromechanical devices. In many cases, this regulation must be applied to new devices and ones to be modernised.