BOXER RCT drives during a manoeuvre and key visual of a 19” computer

Computer for humid and dusty environments according to MIL-SPEC

Versatile 19" rack system

From road vehicles to ships to industrial facilities

Ruggedized rackmount computers from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics are designed for use in shelters, on ships, in wheeled vehicles or for industrial or security-related government environments. The 19" computers are suitable as workstations in red/black environments, as servers for computer and memory-intensive applications or for cloud and edge computing.

Exact fit thanks to rack format

Configured for the customer’s individual requirements and qualified according to MIL-SPEC standards, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers computers with cutting-edge processors, technologies and varying height units.

Modular and expandable computer

Flexible configuration, expandability and upgradeability combined with a robust housing make a versatile computer. This is not only attractive for the military sector but also for civilian industrial environments which require reliable, low-maintenance computers.

Performance overview:

  • Systems with and without integrated fans
  • Heat dissipation by convection
  • Low-noise computer system
  • Optimised for work areas with red/black separation according to COMSEC
  • Operation on 24 VDC or 230 VAC mains power
  • Function expansions via plug-in cards


Important standards and product characteristics

Downloads and documents

Three generations of the DINGO vehicle system

The plus points

Low noise, high-performance workstation computers

Modular system

Function expansions and the integration of additional interfaces take place by integrating COTS components and plug-in cards or through customer-specific developments.

Rackmount system

Thanks to their standardised size, 19" systems are designed for racks and are easy to exchange.

Thermal stability

19" systems boast high thermal stability and do not require active cooling thanks to their fan-free configuration.

Monitoring electronics

Internal monitoring electronics monitor internal temperature and electrical voltages and control the computer system by automatically shutting down if environmental conditions could damage the system.


The 19" systems keep out water and dust, withstand salt fog, hold up to fluctuating pressures and temperatures, and reliably process data under heavy shocks and vibrations.


An aluminium housing also ensures EMC compatibility. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.

On-board voltage network

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics ensures smooth operation on the vehicle electrical system by uniformly applying VG96916 and MIL-STD-1275. These standards ensure that the 19 inch systems harmonise with the power supply system, do not negatively influence the system or take damage themselves.

The functions

The 19" systems stand up to the toughest environmental conditions and function reliably over a wide temperature range. The heat of the computers is dissipated via convection, so the rackmount computers do not require any fans. This design makes the computer systems an attractive option for humid and dusty environments, since foreign bodies cannot get into housing. The computer systems are also completely silent, as they have no moving parts to create mechanical vibrations or sound, making them attractive for applications in which exceptionally quiet equipment has to be integrated.

  • Architecture
  • Operating system
  • Processor
  • Remote
  • Upgrading
  • Format factor
  • Heat dissipation
  • Radiation
  • Variants


  • 64-bit architecture

Operating system

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • All 64-bit operating systems


The processor executes a large number of parallel and computer-intensive threads.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers a baseboard management unit as an optional feature


Function expansions with COTS components and by integrating plug-in cards.

Format factor

As a standard size, the 19" rack format makes the systems compatible with many military and civilian installations.

Heat dissipation

Fan-free system and heat dissipation by convection


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics develops and qualifies its 19" systems according to NATO SDIP 27 Class B upon request.


The 19" systems’ modular design enables a wide variety of functionalities and configurations. From systems with one to four height units, to removable hard disk drives for red/black separation, to radiation-proof systems.

Technical data


Intel® or XEON®


Customer-specific memory equipment


Allows multiple SSDs


Enables exchangeable SSDs


Integrated graphics board


Resolution up to full HD

Power supply

90 – 260V AC


18 – 32V DC


Ethernet connection


Fibre optic interface


Bit-serial connections


Digital video interface


Analogue video interface


Image processing interfaces


Connection for mouse and keyboard


Audio interface


Serial interfaces


Serial bus


PCI bus interface


19" rack computer system from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH
Three 19” computers with various height units

Hardware variants

  • 19" system with 1 height unit
  • 19" system with 2 height units
  • 19" system with 4 height units
  • 19" system with exchangeable hard disk drive for red/black areas
  • 19" system according to NATO SDIP 27 Class B
  • 19" system with customer-specific functionalities