PzH2000 armoured howitzer in the desert with dust cloud and key visual of the KommServer from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics

Tactical communication

Ensuring information transmission

Tailor-made communication solutions

The challenges posed by the increasing digitalisation of the battlefield in the scope of networked operations require tailor-made solutions for tactical communication in the army, artillery, infantry and navy as well as other domains.

For this purpose, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics provides

  • manufacturer-independent integration of components in tailor-made communication systems
  • seamless networking of heterogeneous transmission resources
  • Networking in tough environments and under extreme environmental conditions

Important standards and product characteristics

Soldiers take cover in front of a BOXER wheeled armoured vehicle

Solutions for military communication

From tactical routing to sensor-to-shooter

From a lightweight communications system to a comprehensive communications solution for entire combat units, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics scales any requirement for military communications.

Digitalisation of the battlefield

Multidimensional solutions for communication

Comprehensive knowledge and years of experience lead to solutions for

  • Tactical messaging
  • Tactical routing
  • Narrow band tactical links
  • Auto-discovery solutions
  • Sensor connection (sensor-to-shooter, autonomous systems)
  • Complete digitalisation of the battlefield
A group of PUMA infantry fighting vehicles standing in the field

Manufacturer-independent solution integration

Holistic view of communication systems

Together with the communication server as the hardware basis, tactical communication solutions from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics can generally be integrated into existing systems, no matter whether only the software, the hardware or both are used. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics takes a holistic view of the systems for this purpose, especially with regard to their durability and IT security.

Connection of heterogeneous command and control resources

From legacy to SDR to BMS

Enables integration into existing systems and smooth cooperation with

  • legacy radios all the way to cutting-edge SDR radios
  • a wide variety of information processing systems such as battle management systems, battle management systems (BMS) and vehicle sensor equipment
A BOXER RCT rides in the field

The plus points


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers a wide range of communication solutions for land, air and water, for infantry, artillery, army aviators and navy units alike.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has 40 years of experience in developing solutions for military communications.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has successfully completed a large number of national and international projects for military tactical communication.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics communication solutions are in use in the Bundeswehr and in a large number of NATO countries.

Life cycle

From project planning to implementation, introduction and beyond: KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has communication in its blood. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers the right solution for every stage in the life cycle.


From wire to radio to satellite: Communication solutions include radio communication, data transfer and voice transmission. Solutions from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics thus constitute the backbone of secure military communications.

  • Target group
  • Life cycle
  • Software
  • Hardware

Target group

Solutions for communication needs for special applications for artillery, infantry and navy.

Life cycle

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics provides support over the entire life cycle: From conception and component selection, development, commissioning and training to maintenance, upkeep and obsolescence management.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics programs tools for tactical network planning, deployment configuration planning and equipment configuration, as well as for system monitoring and system testing.


The KommServer from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics is the hardware basis for the military communication backbone.

Related Solutions

Various communication servers from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics

Communication server

As a hardware basis, the communication server as a tactical router ensures the complete communication capability of the various networks with one another through intermeshing.