LEGUAN bridge layer in the mud and power supply equipment from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics

Systems for power supply

Robust solutions for mobile power supply

Safeguarding the power supply is becoming increasingly important to ensure that IT in vehicles, shelters or dismounted operations with all stationary and mobile applications can still be used in remote regions.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has long-standing experience in securing the power supply for IT components. This knowledge qualifies KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics to offer a targeted response to customer requests and to design, construct and ultimately integrate the solution that customers need for their application purposes.

Performance overview:

  • Converters for alternating current and direct current
  • Power supplies for AC and DC
  • Handling of different battery types
  • UPS functionalities
  • Intelligent charging functions/electronics
  • Stationary, semi-mobile and highly mobile power supply solutions

Our solutions

Bttery charger from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH

Battery charger

Fed by the vehicle’s power supply, this charging station for mobile equipment enables recharging of batteries for devices brought along.

PowerPack from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH


The PowerPack is a short-term uninterruptible power supply for the IT systems connected in the vehicle.

Power supply from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH

Power supply solutions

Systems for supplying IT solutions in stationary and mobile environments ensure that the devices and systems remain functional at all times.