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TEMPEST and EMC services

Rapid zone measurement procedures and EMC-compatible concepts

Interception protection is essential for survival

IT equipment and other transmission devices inadvertently emit electromagnetic radiation, posing a risk to confidentiality and data protection in areas where security is crucial. It must be made impossible for unauthorised persons to intercept the information contained in this radiation emitted. Interception protection can be essential to ensure the soldier’s survival. For that reason, IT solutions for the defense sector must be certified before they are used in deployment. This requires measurements to be conducted in special laboratories. This way, it can be determined whether compromising radiation has been minimised in compliance with guidelines.

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Radiation testing laboratory

Performance of rapid zone measurement procedures

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has a modern BSI-approved radiation testing laboratory with authorisation to carry out rapid zone measurement procedures (Zonenkurzmessverfahren, Zonen-KMV). As an approved restricted zone, the EMC booth can be used for testing classified information.

Rapid measurement procedures are a compressed version of the measurement procedure for zone approval. In addition to inspection before initial use, they make it possible to conduct mandatory checks at regular intervals. Rapid measurement procedures enable testing on serial devices after production, maintenance and repair with a correspondingly small expenditure of time and material.

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KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics meets the requirements for the German zone model

Other companies can have their IT products measured at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics to ensure that they comply with the applicable military standards. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics fulfils the requirements for the German zone model as well as all NATO SDIP-27 Level A/B/C activities in this context.

Performance overview

  • BSI-approved radiation testing laboratory
  • Performing rapid zone measurement procedures
  • Measurement according to NATO-SDIP-27 Level A/B/C
  • Measurement of conducted and radiated interference
  • Testing of conducted and radiated interference
  • Test reports for proof