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Service and support

Ensuring functionality

Successful operations require systems that work reliably. Every time, every place. This requires strict maintenance concepts. This is why KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers full service support which includes user training, upkeep and maintenance, as well as repairs when the systems are in use. The goal is the continuous availability of the IT solutions, which KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics ensures on various levels.

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Training sessions and workshops

User education, training sessions and workshops on site or in-house training at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics teach users how to handle KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics solutions properly.

Discarded electronic components

Exchange processes

Parts, components and circuit boards become obsolete over time, which is why KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has established a proactive obsolescence management system.

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Repairs and maintenance

Even though the devices are qualified for extreme conditions, faults can arise. This is why KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers repair management.

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KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers up-to-date device driver software to ensure that your IT system is always up to date with the latest software and that the devices’ communication capability is secured.

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Material concepts

User-friendly software tools support users in operations, repairs and maintenance as well as in technical material testing.

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Do you have any questions about service, support, repairs and maintenance? KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has compiled the important points for you.

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KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics will be glad to answer your questions about IT solutions, service and support. Contact KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics.