LEOPARD 2 main battle tank driving through sandy terrain and circuit board

From the circuit to the finished device

Product engineering

Digitalisation complements the military imperative

Progress does not stop at defense electronics and ushers in a revolution on the battlefield. Digital transformation complements the classic military approach. What this means for KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics, as a technology-oriented systems supplier, is continuously developing new electronics systems, upgrading existing IT solutions and constantly scrutinising device systems in terms of technical change.

Development that focuses on people

Out of responsibility to the people, the engineers at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics develop, design and qualify everything at the company’s headquarters in Konstanz on the basis of widely applied industrial and military quality standards – from the concept to the circuitry and layout and all the way to the finished solution.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics stands for sophisticated development projects

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics achieves a productive working environment that leads to the best solution and stands for long-lasting system solutions with its perfect mix of highly experienced development staff and young, dynamic college graduates. And this has been appreciated by satisfied users from Germany and abroad for over four decades.

A developer tests a circuit on an circuit board

Circuitry development

To KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics, being a systems supplier means determining the functioning of everything down to the tiniest component assemblies. For that reason, the spectrum of services of product engineering at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics includes:

  • the development of analogue and digital circuits
  • transient protection to maintain the on-board power supply
  • the design of filter circuits for electromagnetic compatibility
  • the implementation of high-speed circuits such as PCIe, USB 3.0, Gbit ethernet, display port, HDMI/DVI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, COAX press
Hardware developer checking the circuit board of an open computer

FPGA development

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics uses field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) to implement a wide range of circuits. These programmable digital components are especially well suited to implementing tailor-made solutions. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics uses up-to-date FPGA and SoC models from Xilinx and Altera, and

  • implements various forms of video processing with them, such as video overlay, scaling and picture-in-picture
  • uses them for hardware programming according to VHDL and AHDL
  • makes use of modules for graphic programming
Two computer monitors show circuit diagrams, in front of which a person holds an electronics board and points to it with a pen.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has profiled know-how and offers its customers an array of EMS services. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics creates dozens of circuit board layouts every year and tailors them to the circuits required. In the process, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics specialises in:

  • highly complex high-speed designs with cutting-edge technologies
  • EMC-compliant design with multilayer boards and rigid-flex technology
  • the creation of printed circuit board layouts all the way to ready-to-order drawing sets
Developer measuring an electronic component

Design and mechanics

Design at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers everything from under one roof: From electrotechnical components and assemblies to ready-to-install housings. What design means at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics:

  • the development and engineering of complex enclosures and mechanical components with 2D and 3D CAD tools
  • the implementation of cables with high-speed and EMC requirements according to MIL standards
  • the optimisation of electronic devices for heat dissipation, taking installation conditions into account
  • design all the way to ready-to-order drawing sets
Developer working in an open device with several cables and electronic components

Device development

The sum of all parts, the consolidation of PCB design, circuit development and mechanical design at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics leads to IT system solutions in fields such as:

  • Vehicle computer and server
  • Communication server and router
  • Rackmount computer systems
  • Panel PCs
  • Display technology with video processing
  • Control units with safety function
  • Power supply solutions
  • Ethernet switches
  • Keyboards and other peripheral components
  • Special cables, adapters and splitters
  • Customer-specific developments