BOXER wheeled armoured vehicle and circuit board

Ensuring system security

Complex systems ensure safety

Functional safety is an important property for complex IT systems and serves to minimise risk. The close interaction between the human as operator, the vehicle and the environment in the military field requires adherence to measures that absolutely guarantee correct functioning and limit any risks. For that reason, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics does not have an isolated view of device developments for safety-oriented environments.

When designing and programming IT systems and applications, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics prioritises the protection of the environment, the protection of the machine and, above all, the health of the operator. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics handles this by applying the functional safety requirements according to DIN EN ISO 61508.

GTK BOXER driving

Safety solutions from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics

Safety systems at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics cover the following fields of technology:

  • Information display and equipment operation
  • Controlling and monitoring systems and vehicles
  • Vehicle function monitoring
  • Programming applications

Safety level up to SIL 3

System solutions from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics fulfil safety functions up to safety level SIL 3. The safety integrity level, or safety requirement level, is a measure of the reliability of the system depending on the risk. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics is the sole supplier of militarised displays which fulfil SIL 3.


PzH2000 armoured howitzer kicking up dust after firing a shot

Functional safety as per DIN EN IEC 61508

  • Compliance with the required safety integrity level (SIL)
  • Control of safety-critical equipment
  • Prevention of unintentional triggering
  • Safety, precision and high availability of the systems
  • Preclusion of technical malfunctions through quality assurance processes

Our solutions

Central control unit from PUMA infantry fighting vehicle

Vehicle control systems

Ensuring the correct functioning of vehicle systems requires safety-related IT solutions and thus the guarantee of system integrity.

Mobile fuze programming device

Weapon control systems

Special IT systems are necessary to preclude operating errors or technical malfunctions of weapons systems.