A FENNEK at full speed and MDU display with online system monitoring

Life cycle support solutions

IT system testing and monitoring

The increased risk situation in worldwide operations requires the IT systems in the vehicle to be fully functional at all times. This places great demands on the IT systems used in the vehicles, as well as in the logistics life cycle. This makes it all the more important for the troops to gain support for administration and maintenance with simple and intuitive tools that ensure the vehicles’ operability in the field.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers software solutions independent of battle management systems for the following areas of use and phases of use:

  • Operative function
  • Repair
  • Material maintenance
  • Technical material testing


Performance overview

  • Ensuring operability
  • Applications for defined phases of use
  • Software for diagnosis and maintenance
  • Integrated test systems with hardware and software
  • Tool functionality independent of the battle management system
  • Intuitive operability thanks to simple graphical user interfaces


  • Use
  • Maintenance personnel
  • ERU replacement
  • Commissioning

Application phase

  • Functional test before start of operations
  • Monitoring function during operations
  • Online function monitoring
  • System status monitoring
  • Information on restrictions of use
  • Information on backup operation
  • Target group: Users and administrators

Maintenance personnel

  • Integrated concept for fault diagnosis and maintenance
  • Fault localisation in IT equipment kits
  • Basic function testing
  • Hardware check for short circuits and line breaks
  • Target group: Repair technicians

ERU replacement

  • Functional test down to ERU level
  • Fault localisation in IT equipment kits
  • Individual test
  • Target group: Repair technicians and materials inspectors


  • Restoration of operational readiness
  • Software installation
  • Software configuration
  • Function test
  • Software backup
  • Software recovery
  • Computer system administration
  • Target group: Administrators and materials inspectors

Our solutions

Transport box for the integrated vehicle testing system

Integrated vehicle testing systems

The integrated vehicle testing systems provide the user with a test equipment consisting of various software and hardware tools. This is the basis for an integrated concept for fault diagnosis and maintenance of vehicles in operations.

Online function monitoring

Function monitoring

Software tools for function monitoring support the vehicle crew before the start of or during the operations. Online function monitoring registers possible faults in the IT system and monitors system statuses.

Online and offline diagnostic systems

Diagnostic systems

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers diagnostic systems for fault localisation in maintenance and repair that use hardware testing equipment to detect malfunctions in specific devices or complete equipment kits.

Administrative applications

Administrative applications

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers a range of applications to support administrators that automate the administrator’s main tasks or assist him in performing his tasks efficiently.

Software management

Software management

The operator is provided with a tool for easy system recovery in case of a system malfunction due to a crash.