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Purchasing and order processing

Information for suppliers

Quality as a guarantor of reliability

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics stands for resilient IT systems that hold up under the most adverse conditions. The focus is always on having the best possible technology for the application and adhering to the applicable quality standards. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics IT developments have proven successful in the armed forces of Germany and its NATO partners. Users appreciate their dependability and functionality.

Nothing but the best components

The basis for this is a high-performance network of suppliers and the most demanding quality criteria for the components supplied. Only with high-quality components can KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics meet its customers high standards for the best IT systems.

Expectations of suppliers

For that reason, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has high expectations of its suppliers and service providers in terms of quality, sustainability, delivery performance, integrity and compliance. Further selection criteria include performance, suitability and price of the products or services offered. This means that KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics prefers to work with audited suppliers. Partners should meet internationally recognised standards such as DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001, among others.

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Documents for suppliers

As a defense technology company, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics must fulfil and comply with numerous requirements, laws and guidelines. You will find documents for suppliers and customers to download on the following page.

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Do you have any questions? Here you will find general information, frequently asked questions and the supplier application.