Person wearing gloves holding circuit board in hand. “VG 96916” can be read printed on a document

VG 96916

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Electrical systems for land vehicles according to VG 96916

Bundeswehr standard for on-board electrical systems in land vehicles

The electrical system supplies all electrical components in a vehicle with electricity and together with them makes up the on-board electrical system. To ensure that individual devices do not disrupt its functioning, all electronic and electrical devices installed in military land vehicles must be compatible with the electrical system. VG 96916 (Electrical systems for land vehicles according to) describes the requirements for on-board DC networks of military land vehicles – both for the system as a whole and for individual components. The German defense equipment standards (Verteidigungsgerätenormen – VG) are applied wherever civilian standards are either insufficient or do not exist.

Part 5 of VG 96916 describes the technical specifications regarding compliance tests on component assemblies in on-board 24 VDC systems. Aspects tested include the device’s behaviour during supply voltage drops or interruptions, the device’s behaviour in the event of overvoltage, and its immunity to voltage pulses.