Applications for computer system administration

Restoration of operational readiness

Applications for computer system administration

After the vehicle has been repaired and overhauled, it is the system administrator’s task to install, set up and update the vehicle’s IT systems. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers a range of software tools that make this task simpler and more efficient to make this work easier for the system administrator and repair technician.

The applications provide support in the following fields and activities:

  • Backup creation
  • Computer system restoration
  • Hard disk images management
  • Software update installation
  • Firmware updates

A connection via LAN cable is all it takes to carry out the tasks. This way, the IT systems can remain installed in the vehicle. The applications are easily expandable with new systems and equipment kits.

Performance overview:

  • Simple and secure operation
  • Administration via LAN connection
  • Boot computers via network through PXE
  • Secure use of data media via checksums
  • IT systems do not need to be expanded
  • Easy to expand and adapt to IT system

Important standards and product characteristics