Online function monitoring of the IT systems in the vehicle

IT monitoring in the field

Online function monitoring of the IT systems in the vehicle

Determination of operational readiness

Online function monitoring from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics ensures the operational readiness of IT equipment in military land vehicles. It already registers potential faults during operation by monitoring the system statuses of the integrated IT components, connected peripheral devices, command and control resources, network components and other devices for specific equipment kits.

Operational information display

Online function monitoring logs mission-critical malfunctions and system errors and displays them to the operator together with further information on expected operational restrictions and potential backup operation.

Performance overview:

  • Software interface for external testing systems
  • Monitoring of defined environmental parameters
  • Notification of operational readiness
  • Function as autonomous background service
  • Early reporting of malfunctions
  • Instructions for action in the event of malfunctions

Important standards and product characteristics