PUMA infantry fighting vehicle and software interface

Solutions for tactical communication

Data exchange on the digital battlefield

Lossless, delay-free transmission of a wide variety of data, information and media as well as management thereof via existing networks is an essential prerequisite for the basic command and control capability of an operational force on the digital battlefield. Command superiority can only be achieved with a functioning communication network. With its communication solution, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers the central backbone for secure communication in the information network.

Communication is the central resource on the battlefield, which makes communication on the move essential below the brigade level and in the command and weapon engagement systems. A communication system that is to be used successfully in a highly mobile environment must meet various requirements in terms of fault tolerance, dynamics, maintenance and upkeep, scalability as well as expandability.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics came up with the answer to these complex requirements for communication in quasi-stationary and especially in highly mobile operations with its KommServer system. The KommServer is the central link between all of the communication equipment introduced in the Bundeswehr, as well as the connected applications and sensors.

Our solutions

Armoured howitzer in the desert after live fire and three devices from the KommServer family

Communication server

As a hardware basis, the communication server as a tactical router ensures the complete communication capability of the various networks with one another through intermeshing.

PUMA infantry fighting vehicle with weapon and software interface

Tactical communication

The software for seamless voice and data communication across the army’s radio and wire networks fulfils complex requirements.