NATO Quality Assurance Requirements AQAP-2110/2210

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Ensuring hardware quality

Quality assurance requirements according to AQAP-2110/2210

The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) are standards for quality assurance systems developed by NATO. AQAP-2110 is applied as a requirement for quality assurance for all defense products and services. Contents of the requirement include quality and risk management, configuration management, traceability, competences and evidence requirements for contractual activities. AQAP describes the requirements concerning the definition and implementation of a quality management system at the organisational level.

Public contracts in the military sector make reference to the standards described here.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics applies AQAP-2110 (3rd edition November 2009). Regular auditing and certification ensure that KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has performed the target-oriented further development of processes and competences.