PzH2000 armoured howitzer in the desert with dust cloud and key visual of the KommServer from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics

Connection any time, any place – the KommServer

Backbone of tactical communication

The digital battlefield requires the transmission and management of a wide variety of media by way of the existing networks. The communication server from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics transmits voice and data over existing and future radio and wire networks in real time. To do so, it connects the battle management systems on the one hand, and the heterogeneous narrowband and broadband communication networks on the other, and handles the communication independently.

It thus represents the backbone of tactical communication for networked operating command.

Performance overview:

  • Links up different communication resources
  • Autonomous communication system
  • Voice gateway for troop radio
  • Data traffic across different protocols
  • Transmits voice and data in real time
  • Self-constructive network topology
  • Encrypts transmitted information

Important standards and product characteristics

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Two LEOPARD 2 tanks are parked in a meadow.

The plus points

Backbone of military communication

Thermal stability

The KommServer boasts high thermal stability and does not require active cooling thanks to its fan-free design.


The internal monitoring electronics monitor and control the computer system accordingly, such as by automatically shutting down if environmental conditions could damage the system.

On-board voltage network

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics ensures smooth operation on the vehicle’s electrical system through the application of VG96916. This guarantees that the KommServer harmonises with the power supply system, does not negatively influence the system or take damage itself.


The KommServer keeps out water and dust, withstands salt fog, holds up to fluctuating pressures and the extended temperature range, and reliably processes data under heavy shocks and vibrations.


An aluminium housing ensures EMC compatibility. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.


A CMOS battery which can be replaced from the outside simplifies maintenance. This means that the device does not have to be sent in and is available more quickly for the next deployment.


The KommServer can be adapted to meet the customer’s requests and requirements in every respect, from the interfaces and memory to customer-specific functionalities.


As a core element in the communication network, the KommServer from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics establishes a self-organising, mobile ad hoc network by integrating all communication resources into a single and fundamentally IP-capable network.

The KommServer is a future-proof, cost-effective communication system which can adapt to new technologies at any time.

  • Architecture
  • Supported protocols
  • Security
  • Radiation
  • Compatibility
  • Variants


  • 64-bit architecture

Supported protocols

  • VHF / ultra short wave
  • HF / short wave
  • UHF / decimetric wave
  • Trunked radio
  • Mobile radio
  • Common ISDN Application Programming Interface (CAPI)
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)


  • Integrated encryption


Measurement according to and approved by NATO SDIP 27 Level B (AMSG 788)


The KommServer is installation- and interface-compatible with older generation KommServers used cross-functionally in the Army battle management system (FüInfoSys) and Land-Based Operations (LBO) projects.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics develops and qualifies the KommServer according to customer requirements: from the device with exchangeable Flash disc to application-specific interfaces all the way to the Manpack variant.

Technical data

Processor Intel®
Memory Customer-specific

Ethernet connection


Fibre optic cable


Serial interfaces


Bit-serial connection


Interface for remote data transmission


Audio interfaces


Customer-specific interfaces


KommServer from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH
Three KommServers from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics against a blue background

Hardware variants

  • KommServer according to NATO SDIP 27 Level B
  • KommServer with exchangeable Flash disc
  • KommServer in highly mobile design
  • KommServer with customer-specific functions
  • KommServer in customer-specific design
  • KommServer with project-specific interfaces