Backup tool to increase operational readiness

Emergency backup in the field

Backup tool to increase operational readiness

For emergency software management, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers the Rescue System, an independent and bootable software system for backing up and restoring the entire system partition. In case of a boot problem, caused by an uncontrolled voltage drop, for example, the user can restore the system partition by restoring the defined basic software system.

The rescue system backs up a fully set up and configured operational system with the file system, including the operating system and battle management system, as well as the user settings. The system partition is backed up to a separate rescue partition that the operational system does not use.

Performance overview:

  • File system restoration
  • Operating system restoration
  • Restoring user settings
  • Quick and easy for the user to carry out
  • System partition backup
  • Backup in independent device partition

Important standards and product characteristics