LEOPARD 2 MBT drives through mud and key visual of the PALLADION

PALLADION — control unit for vehicle systems

Flexible control unit for the dynamic operating environment

Position-dependent reconnection of the panel PC

Different situations in the field force the operator to quickly switch between workstations inside or outside of the vehicle. The PALLADION makes it possible to switch from one workstation to another quickly by using special plugs. Depending on the situation, the soldier can continue processing information by way of the hatch instead of on the instrument panel – IP 65 protection ensures this will be possible even under severe weather and environmental conditions.

Optimisation for adverse light conditions

Thanks to its broad dimming range and optical bonding, the PALLADION is optimised for working with night vision devices or in bright sunlight, such as when the PALLADION is being used above the vehicle hatch.

Simple control via multi-touch

The PALLADION is equipped with capacitive multi-touch. Registering multiple touch points simultaneously gives the soldier more options for controlling the application being displayed – even when wearing gloves.

Performance overview:

  • Control unit with multi-touch
  • Small installation depth
  • Mounting above the hatch or on the instrument panel
  • Pre-sets allow standardised applications
  • Operable under adverse light conditions
  • Touchscreen sensitivity can be adjusted to the type of glove

Downloads and documents

PzH2000 armoured howitzer after firing a live round

The plus points

Mobile panel PC for location-independent data access


Equipped with a capacitive display, the PALLADION supports the familiar touch gestures of operating a smartphone. Registering multiple touch points simultaneously gives the operator more control options.

Light conditions

Thanks to technical and design measures, the display can be read and operated under any light conditions – even with night vision goggles. Optical bonding reduces reflections between the display and touchscreen and increases contrast.

On-board voltage network

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics ensures smooth operation on the vehicle’s electrical system through the application of VG96916. This guarantees that the PALLADION harmonises with the power supply system and does not negatively influence the system or take damage itself.

Thermal stability

The PALLADION boasts high thermal stability and does not require active cooling thanks to its fan-free design.


The internal monitoring electronics monitor and control the computer system accordingly, such as by automatically shutting down if environmental conditions could damage the system.


The PALLADION keeps out water and dust, withstands salt fog, holds up to fluctuating pressures and the extended temperature range, and reliably processes data under heavy shocks and vibrations.


An aluminium housing and special display design ensure EMC compatibility. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.


The PALLADION enables quick reconnection using special plugs and integrated and maintenance-free capacitor buffering in order to continue processing information by way of the hatch.


The PALLADION is the central unit for operating the battle management system. As a uniform and configurable user interface, the PALLADION constitutes the central control unit of the vehicle electronics at the same time.

  • Overlay functions
  • Video streams
  • Pre-sets
  • Testing system

Overlay functions

  • Displays the function of the active keys
  • Display of menus, symbols and variable data

Video streams

  • Display of views from vehicle cameras
  • Integrated graphics processor decodes H.264 and H.265 streams


Pre-set parameters, such as auto on/off, can be defined on the software side

Testing system

  • Cross-functional software interface for monitoring and testing functions
  • Detection of malfunctions or mission-critical system conditions
  • Provides an adaptable interface for other software systems so that device-specific parameters can be read out or configured for specific applications

Technical data






Integrated graphics board

Display characteristics

Capacitive touchscreen


11″ display


Full HD resolution


Brightness 600 cd/m²

  Contrast 1000:1
  Multi-level dimming up to masking



Non-reflective display surface


Optical bonding


Serial interfaces


Ethernet connection


Serial bus


Bit-serial connection


Remote control


PALLADION from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH

Hardware variants

  • PALLADION with customer-specific display size
  • PALLADION with customer-specific functions
  • PALLADION with customer-specific design