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Instructional courses and training

Professional and targeted operation

Proper use increases safety

Every system is only as good as the person operating it! Innovative IT devices and system solutions only offer the necessary safety for man and machine when they are used correctly. For that reason, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers targeted training for users and repair technicians on the equipment and software applications used. This includes instructional courses, training sessions and workshops at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics or at the customer’s site.

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Training as part of the product life cycle

Individual and target group-oriented

For KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics, education and training are an indispensable part of the corporate philosophy and the product life cycle. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics takes care of intensively familiarising customers with the systems they purchase as an integral part of product support. All instructional sessions and training courses are individually coordinated with the customer for the specific target group in question and are carried out by qualified personnel.

Training for any situation

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics trains users of software applications and hardware solutions so that they have an authoritative command over the systems in any situation from commissioning to use in operations. Repair technicians or contract manufacturers receive detailed information on how to proceed with hardware solutions from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics during repairs and what to look out for.

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Performance overview

  • Individual training design
  • Free choice of training location
  • Training in software and hardware operation
  • Training during field trials
  • Hardware repair training
  • Training by own personnel