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Systematic obsolescence management

Unfortunately, IT products and their electronic component assemblies don’t last forever. The speed of development in the semiconductor industry means that components are subject to technical change more than actual ageing. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has a proactive obsolescence management system to ensure that IT systems from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics are always up to date with the latest technology.

As part of the product life cycle of KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics, obsolescence management begins with the end of production. The tool-supported analysis of all components ensures that risks concerning supply bottlenecks and discontinuations are identified at an early stage so that the search for alternative components can begin. In addition to the automated search for assembled circuit boards, qualified personnel will research all installed components upon request.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers obsolescence management as an additional and indispensable service to ensure the functionality of IT systems. IT systems in the military environment are designed for a long service life and are generally in use for longer than is the case in the civilian sector. In this regard, obsolescence management is an important building block for extending the service life of the product and thus maintaining its military capability.

Through this structured management process, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics simultaneously recognises the need for action at an early stage and, in addition to promptly informing the customer, can also start searching for substitutes and commence with post-development.

Performance overview:

  • Proactive management process
  • Part of the life cycle
  • Extension of the product’s service life
  • Tool-supported search
  • Automated notifications
  • Research by qualified personnel


An electronics technician inspects a circuit board under the microscope