Council of Konstanz building together with the Imperia at Konstanz Harbour

Work at Lake Constance

Technology and high-quality recreation

Tradition and modernity intertwined in the city on Lake Constance. On the one hand, local recreation and tourist attractions attract visitors, while advanced technology is developed here on the other. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics develops tailor-made IT solutions for the global security sector in this spot in the south of Germany.

High-quality recreation has always been relevant

In the 1930s, it was radio technology that laid the foundation for Konstanz as a centre of technology; today it is information and communication technology. Then as now, there is one common feature that is essential for the location: Employees should be able to experience high-quality recreation. This holds as true as it ever did, and also manifests itself in the potential of two universities in Konstanz.

Motivation leads to progress

Progress is only shaped by motivated employees. That is why soft location factors create fertile ground for the development of forward-looking solutions. This is how competitive Germany-made quality is created. All of this makes KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics one of the leading system manufacturers in the national security industry.

Unlocking technical visions

The decisive factor for high-performance systems is not only the efficient and harmonious interaction of hardware and software, but also the employees’ passion for technology, which draws its energy power from the unique environment on Lake Constance.