LEOPARD 2 main battle tank and CENTURION i7 and vehicle server

Computer systems for heavy armoured vehicles

Rugged computers for tough missions

Information is as much a part of the operational environment as gunpowder once was – without it, there is no optimised overview of the situation, no better assessment of the situation, no decision to take action. Information expedites the situation and makes the field dynamic, so it must be adequately and effectively accessible, displayable, processable and distributable at the right time, in the right place, and with the right quality.

For information processing in the vehicle, this means processing both the data from the command and information system as well as the sensor information from cameras, thermal imagers, jammers, acoustic detectors, radar systems, laser rangefinders and connected applications. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers various practice-proven computer and server systems for this purpose.

Our solutions

CENTURION i7 vehicle computer


The CENTURION i7 vehicle computer is a ruggedized computer that meets extreme environmental requirements in armoured land vehicles as well as the demands as a central node for processing information.

Vehicle server

Vehicle server

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers a high-performance server for vehicles that have a large number of client computers due to high IT processing capacity. As a central instance, it provides services for data processing and storage in the vehicle.

Embedded computer

Embedded Systems

Military vehicles have a large number of sensors with monitoring, control and signal processing carried out by embedded systems. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers solutions for this that are individually adapted to the customer’s requests.