A soldier operates a device and computer monitor in the PUMA with lines of code

Expertise in armed forces command & control

System engineering

Creating synergies of hardware and software

Fast and efficient hardware only reaps its full potential with the right hardware-specific software: KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics programs drivers, applications and protocols based on standardised procedure models and formalised development methods. To do so, development engineers at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics continuously test new technologies and methods and develop programs, applications and apps quickly and flexibly. In addition, all functionalities are adapted to the properties of the hardware.

Meet the mark methodically

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics uses procedural, object-oriented, behavioural, test-driven or other methods required by the customer, to ensure that the software is in line with the requirements management.

Partner for the entire duration of the project

System engineering at KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics seeks to accompany the customer from the idea and specification to project management and software quality assurance and all the way to field testing and the product life cycle.

An operator configures the communication system from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronicsfor use.


KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics creates applications for communication connection, transmission and routing. To do so, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics connects all command and control resources and adapts routing protocols for narrowband networks.

  • Tactical communication servers
  • MANET with IP multi-topology routing, even for native, non-IP-capable command and control resources
  • Call manager for VoIP
  • Proactive and reactive IT security
  • Tools for network planning, management and monitoring
  • Web-based management interface
  • Scalable software and hardware architecture
  • Message handling systems
A user checks a connected system on a laptop

Life cycle support

Experienced engineers develop applications for repair, material maintenance and material acceptance departments that are intuitive to operate and tailored to the relevant vehicle system, providing comprehensive life cycle support.

  • Diagnostic platforms for IT and command & control equipment
  • Function monitoring to determine readiness in the field
  • Functional testing to evaluate operational readiness with testing equipment
  • Fault localisation in IT components using testing software and equipment
A VistaMaster-15 display showing a map

Specialised software

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics not only meets special requirements for software applications with its extensive knowledge and experience, but also with its flexible organisation. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics is there for you in the fields of:

  • System conception and design based on an analysis of the customer’s requirements
  • Customer Solution Software
  • Operating systems
  • Board support package
  • Customer-specific software solutions, especially according to special procedure models
  • Planning and implementation of system tests in field trials