Laptop, cables and tools with BOXER in the background

Safeguards functioning in the field

Tools for ensuring functionality

Software and hardware for fault diagnosis

The system administration and testing equipment systems give system supervisors, administrators and repair technicians a wide variety of software applications and hardware tools at their fingertips to check the functioning of a vehicle’s IT systems, install software or configure the integrated devices.

Performance overview:

  • Integrated concept for fault diagnosis
  • All-in-one solution: Unpack and go
  • Testing the IT in installed condition
  • Testing of complete equipment kits down to ERU level
  • Cables and test plugs for specific equipment kits
  • Designed for maintenance in the field
  • Integrated into a robust case

Important standards and product characteristics

Two Eurofighter Typhoons fly two FENNEK observation vehicles

The plus points

Collection of tools for fault diagnosis


Trouble-free relocation to any field of application is possible because the test equipment is packed in robust transport cases and boxes and sorted by content for easy identification by the user.

Equipment kit

The testing equipment is specifically adapted to the vehicle IT system to be tested and the vehicle-specific equipment kit.


The testing equipment consists of cables, splitters and adapters which are specially adapted to the equipment kit and can withstand the tough conditions of everyday use.


The testing equipment includes software solutions for performing the necessary testing steps pre-installed on the maintenance laptop.


This testing equipment forms the basis for an integrated concept for fault diagnosis and maintenance of vehicles in operations. The equipment enables repair technicians and system administrators to carry out the testing and administration on the systems all the way down to complete equipment kits directly in the vehicles – even when already installed.

  • Testing equipment
  • Software
  • Transport
  • Tools
  • Computer

Testing equipment

The equipment includes cables specific to each equipment kit and test plugs for adaptation to the system to be configured, maintenance adapters, a maintenance computer, mouse, keyboard and special tools.


Various software programs from KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics assist repair technicians or system administrators in many ways.


All gear, tools and components are stowed in a robust case or durable box.


Depending on the configuration, the testing equipment includes various peripherals such as computer mouse, keyboard, storage media, USB hub, monitor, voltage converter, cables, adapters and tools.


The testing equipment includes a maintenance laptop with various adapters and pre-installed testing software.

Soldier inserting a USB stick into a laptop

Hardware variants

  • Configuration for system administrators
  • Configuration for repair technicians
  • Configuration for administrators
  • Integration in transport boxes
  • Integration in trolley cases