IT solutions for any domain

Interoperable solutions suitable for joint forces: Systems for extreme conditions

Taking and holding space is no longer done by soldiers and tanks alone. Information is as much a part of the operational environment as gunpowder once was – without it, there is no optimised overview of the situation, no better assessment of the situation, no decision to take action. Information expedites the situation and makes the field dynamic. So it must be available at the right time, in the right place, and with the right quality and must be adequately and effectively accessible, displayable, processable and distributable.

DINGO 2 and LEOPARD 2 MBT in the sand

Solutions for land forces

For the army, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers the entire spectrum of data processing systems, display and control units and tactical communication.

On land, at sea, in the air and beyond - KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics GmbH has been meeting these challenges for four decades and stands for proven and tailor-made IT systems for use under extreme environmental conditions. KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics development engineers put their wide-ranging knowledge, long-standing expertise and great commitment to use to solve any customer requirement, no matter how specific.

FENNEK, Typhoon Eurofighter and TIGER support helicopter

Solutions for air forces

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers proven solutions from communication connections to special developments for power supply and data processing.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics offers mission and technology-oriented hardware and software as a long-standing partner of the German Armed Forces and NATO states as well as of system integrators, vehicle manufacturers and the security-oriented industrial sector.

Naval ships on the water

Solutions for naval forces

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics specialised operating and display solutions as well as workstation computers hold up to the harsh conditions on and under water.

As a technology-oriented development house, KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics is able to react flexibly to customer requests on the basis of its experience and employees’ collective knowledge, and also to offer tailor-made solutions for new fields of activity such as space or cyber.

Industrial plant and space station

Solutions for extreme conditions

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics knowledge, commitment and experience enable it to develop and successfully integrate IT solutions for any task, no matter how complex.