NATO Quality Assurance Requirements AQAP-2110/2210

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Ensuring software quality

Quality assurance requirements according to AQAP-2110/2210

Weapons, communications, battle management systems are complex and mission-critical computer systems, which necessitates quality management for the process of developing the software that runs on them. The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) 2210 are a NATO quality assurance requirement for software development. AQAP-2210 supplements AQAP-2110 in this regard.

AQAP does not dictate software development models and development methods, but addresses the entire organisational structure in charge of the software development process. It defines the requirements for software quality management activities relating to the project to be documented.

The AQAP standards in the military sector are an integral part of contracts with NATO member states. This makes AQAP documents important for contractors and companies bidding for such contracts.

KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics applies AQAP-2210 (1st edition November 2006). Regular auditing and certification ensure that KNDS Deutschland Mission Electronics has performed the target-oriented further development of processes and competences.