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High-performance backbone for state-of-the-art combat vehicles

More potential, more flexibility, more performance – the new CENTURION i7 from ATM ComputerSysteme GmbH

Konstanz, 17th April 2016. Information forms a key part of military missions just like gunpowder once was – without it, we do not have an optimised overview of the situation, cannot optimally assess the lie of the land, and are unable to make operational decisions. Information forces the situation and turns the field into a dynamic environment; that's why it needs to be able to be retrieved, displayed, edited and distributed appropriately and effectively – at the right time, at the right place and at the right quality.

With the CENTURION i7, ATM ComputerSysteme GmbH offers a ruggedized vehicle computer that is perfectly tailored to these requirements. Connected to the vehicle's CAN-BUSnetwork, the CENTURION i7 controls and communicates with other systems and sensors, and operates as the central information node in the vehicle's IT system to receive, use and disseminate all the information from sensors in instruments such as cameras, thermal imaging devices, jammers, acoustic detectors, radar systems, laser range finders and connected applications. Combined with ATM's intelligent displays, the result is a visualisation and image processing system that increases the situational awareness for the crews of protected and armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Modular, scalable and future-proof architecture

The technology of the CENTURION i7 is based on a future-proof 64-bit architecture with a state-of-the-art Intel processor that is suitable for process- and memory-intensive applications and a variable memory configuration. As a result, the system's capacity for processing and saving images, videos and multimedia applications and other process-intensive activities has been significantly enhanced. The Gigabit LAN integrated in the CENTURION i7 also greatly speeds up the supply and distribution of data.

The modular, scalable, COTS-component-based design of the CENTURION i7 allows ATM to adapt the system to meet customer requirements. The capacities of the RAM and mass storage can also be selected, as can the externally available interfaces including CAN-BUS, GB-LAN, serial RS, audio, USB 2.0/3.0 and DVI.

Additional functions required by the customer can be installed by means of integrated extension interfaces, irrespective of whether the component is a standard assembly such as wireless LAN (with external antenna) or a customer-specific development. By integrating a communication card for HF and VHF radio devices, for example, the CENTURION i7 can be expanded to form a means of communication. With respect to the operating system, the customer also has the freedom to choose between a Windows or Linux-based operating system.

Basis for further system developments

Several different hardware versions of the CENTURION i7 are currently being used both in Germany and abroad. With the communication server and the central computer unit for iVeNet® which was developed in conjunction with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG, two special hardware modifications that are based on the architecture of the CENTURION i7 are currently in use. iVenet® is now established as cross-functional operation and display (QBA) by the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw).With the communication server and the central computer unit for cross-functional operation and display (QBA) which was developed for the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) in conjunction with Krauss-Maffei Wegman GmbH & Co. KG, two special hardware modifications that are based on the architecture of the CENTURION i7 are currently in use Both the iVenet® QBA computer unit and the communication server are fitted with additional assemblies that are required for their specific applications. For instance, ATM has integrated a converter for displaying videos and additional interfaces into the iVenet® QBA computer unit and one version of the communication server incorporates a replaceable flash disc.

Form, fit and function

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the CENTURION i7 is suitable for integration in any location where space is limited, as is often the case in military reconnaissance, transport and combat vehicles. With respect to form, fit and function, the CENTURION i7 is installation and backward-compatible with its technological predecessors. Both the fixing points and footprint are identical to previous products in the CENTURION series. This includes the operating elements and status indicators, which are the same for all models. Even with respect to additional functions, upgrades and different hardware versions, the basis of the computer always remains unaffected by any changes.

Ready for action under extreme conditions

The CENTURION i7 demonstrates high thermal stability and does not require any active cooling. An internal electronic monitoring system monitors the internal temperature and electrical voltages, and controls the computer system accordingly by automatically shutting it down if the environmental conditions could cause damage to the system. A CMOS battery that can be replaced from the outside also makes maintenance easier.

Right from the basic version, the CENTURION i7 meets the standard military requirements for use under challenging environmental conditions in accordance with the MIL standard. The CENTURION i7 is resistant to water and dust, can withstand salt fog, holds up against a range of different pressure and temperature levels, and processes data reliably even when subjected to significant shocks and vibrations. What's more, an aluminium housing ensures electromagnetic compatibility.

The CENTURION i7 in the ATM product family

ATM offers a wide range of accessories for expanding the CENTURION i7 computer system. Connected via control cables, MDU or VistaMaster displays can be operated as consoles or display units on the CENTURION i7. As it is possible to operate the CENTURION i7 directly from the on-board battery, the PowerPack acts as a backup battery for several minutes, enabling the computer and display to be shut down in a controlled manner if the supply voltage is interrupted. Various peripheral devices, such as ruggedized keyboards, Gigabit switches or special cables and adapters for maintenance and life cycle activities complete the range of accessories on offer.

Reliable partner in action

With the CENTURION i7, users receive a computer system that is perfectly tailored to their needs, that impresses with respect to its size, weight, performance and cost, and offers the user maximum flexibility. ATM accompanies the CENTURION i7 throughout its entire life cycle with the aid of services ranging from obsolescence monitoring, life cycle support and life cycle software, right up to upgrade management.

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